Airpulse PK2 - Custom Wheelchair Cushion

This video is for illustration only; the alternation of the actual cushion is not this prominent. The animation shows the general principle of operation for the APK2. The actual bladder arrangement and number of cushion air bladders for each client is based on individual conditions and needs, and this may vary from person to person. Bladders can be sized or arranged in any configuration based on the client’s specific requirements.

The patented Airpulse PK2 (APK2) is a fully-automatic alternating pressure relief cushion. The primary function of the APK2 is to treat pressure sores (pressure ulcers) by providing the ideal healing conditions and performing automatic pressure relief. It can be used on manual wheelchairs, powerchairs or regular sitting chairs.  The power source is a high-tech rechargeable battery.

The APK2 has a soft waterproof foam exterior and internal air bladders that automatically inflate and deflate multiple sets of internal air bladders. This action changes pressure contact points and stimulates circulation in the posterior. The internal air bladders are sized and positioned in such a way to address each client's unique needs and off-loading requirements.

You tell us where the trouble spot(s) or pressure ulcer(s) is located, and we build the cushion to off-load that area full-time, while stimulating circulation throughout the rest of the posterior.

The APK2 is coded E2609 for Medicare reimbursement and coverage by other insurance companies.

 To learn about Medicare reimbursement, click here.

The APK2 eliminates the primary cause of pressure sores and skin breakdown, which is constant unrelieved pressure. A simple static air cushion cannot give pressure relief unless you move around and lift yourself up. The APK2 does this automatically.

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