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Take Back Your Freedom

Aquila hand builds custom wheelchair cushion systems specifically engineered to treat pressure ulcers (pressure sores) and prevent any new ulcers from forming. The state of the art Airpulse PK2 delivers pressure relieving therapy by changing pressure distribution as often as 30 times per hour.  Skin and tissue absolutely must have pressure relief in order to prevent pressure ulcers.  In fact, Mayo Clinic recommends weight shifts and pressure relief every 15 minutes for prevention of pressure ulcers.  This is where we can help because our cushion systems automatically change pressure distribution for you.

If you already have a pressure sore, we can help you. We will custom configure the APK2 to treat the sore while you are able to be up and sitting rather than confined to bed.

Our cushion systems have one price regardless of degree of customization needed and there is no weight limit or cushion size restriction.

We have helped thousands of people heal their pressure ulcers while being up and active.  If you or a loved one has pressure sores, please give us a call and speak to one of our dedicated representatives. This clinically proven technology can help you live the life you deserve; free of pressure sores.

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